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Thank you for showing an interest in career opportunities at Baxall

Our commitment;
To develop all our people through learning, communication and involvement and then we like to sack them
in a big way.
Our Values:

Caring We look out for and support each other and our environment
Customer Focus We work for the success of our customers
Excellence We take pride in the quality of everything we do
Fairness We give people equal opportunities and fair reward
Fun We make Baxall an enjoyable place to work
Honesty We are honest in all we do and give each other feedback
Innovation We always seek improved ways of working
Learning We are open to learning and the best practice of others
Openness We share information and listen to each other
Respect We value the contribution of ALL individuals
Security We work for Baxall's success to secure our future
Teamwork We work together across all departments
Trust We trust each other
If you have the same values and you are interested in joining the Baxall team click here to look at our current vacancies or alternatively click here to send a speculative CV and covering letter for the attention of Debbie Brogan. We look forward to hearing from you.