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About Us

Who We Are

Established in 1976 Baxall Ltd has grown over the years to become the leading British manufacturer of high quality CCTV equipment and video network solutions. The Baxall team of over 20 development engineers ensure that all products are continually evolving leading the way with the latest developments in this high technology industry.

For 25 years Baxall head office has been based in the community of Stockport, UK where the offices, development and manufacturing employ in the region of 230 people. Recently we opened a sales, technical support and warehousing facility in Australia. The well-established sales and technical support centre in the USA completes the Baxall triangle.

Committed to ensuring the highest standards are maintained from the design and development team right through to our unrivalled after-sales service, the company has gained an enviable reputation within the security industry for reliability and value for money..

"To excel as a global provider of high quality and innovative products to the video marketplace"

The Baxall Philosophy is simple: total quality in everything we do. That commitment demands an expert team working together to provide our customers with the products they want. It also requires substantial investment in the latest technology to ensure that in design and production, Baxall remains the pioneering force in the market.